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Avanti Pizza Baking Stone - 33cm

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Avanti Pizza Baking Stone - 33cm

The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Mona Lisa. Venice. The Colosseum. Florence. The Mona Lisa…

There’s no doubt about it - Italy’s responsible for some of the world’s most spectacular places, most beautiful artworks, and most fascinating history. But there’s one other thing Italy’s responsible for that makes them all look utterly insignificant.

It’s pizza, of course – Italy’s greatest achievement!

If you’re totally addicted to pizza, why not have a crack at making your own? It’s easier than you think – and SO much nicer than those oily things you get from fast food places (and they’re always cold anyway…).

All you need is Avanti’s Pizza Baking Stone! It’ll help you cook your pizza to absolute perfection…and the stainless steel stand that’s included makes it easy to present your masterpiece at the table. Don’t worry – it’s simple to use. And the guys at Avanti have even thrown in some instructions to help you out.

Pizza. You’ve got to love it…now you can make it your way!

Pizza Stone features:

  • Made from natural, kiln-fired clay, which absorbs all the excess moisture from your pizza, so it’s perfectly light and crispy.
  • Includes a chromed steel carry rack – use it to present your freshly-cooked pizza at the table.
  • Oven and microwave safe – however, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or fast changes in temperature, as they may cause the ceramic base to crack.
  • Includes pizza-making instructions.
  • Can also be used to cook pies, bread, cookies, tortillas and more – or for reheating leftover pizzas.
  • Presented in a cute Avanti gift box that looks just like a pizza box!
  • Don’t wash with soapy water – just scrape baked-on food residue off with a spatula and scrub lightly with warm water.

  • Set Includes:
  • Pizza Stone – 33cm diameter.
  • Chromed Serving Rack – 35cm across.
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